Legality of deliberately interfering with other teams’ ultrasonic sensors

Effectiveness questions aside, would it be legal to deliberately direct an ultrasonic sensor such that it interferes with another team’s ultrasonic sensors during the autonomous period.

I suspect that the risk is negligible but I am currently making significant use of the ultrasonic sensors and I want to know if I should spend the time to write a bunch of autocorrection code or whether I can safely assume that I can trust the output of the sensors.

I don’t think that anybody would necessarily think of that?

As far as I am aware, there are no rules prohibiting what you describe.

In general, dealing with the presence of other robots on the field and how that affects your robot’s performance (such as ultrasonic sensors on different robots “interfering with each other”, to the extent that’s possible) is part of the challenge, and you are expected to design and test around these sorts of constraints.

However, “weaponizing” ultrasonic sensor interference as a deliberate defensive strategy seems


Assuming the sensor is completely unmodified, I see no reason for this to be illegal or fail an inspection. I suspect this is would not be a problem though as they would be wasting valuable sensors for no reason. Because these sensors are only sending a short sound periodically, I really don’t see too many situations where two ultrasonic sensors interfere with each other except in the worst of conditions.

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The game manual nor the QnA will cover really specific situations like this very well. In the unlikely situation you a) encounter another team using an Ultrasonic sensor b) meet several conditions to be able to interfere with it (ie the waves your sensor projects ping pongs and are read by their sensor) and c) It actually messes something up for them, I would say to not even bother. In my opinion (which can be wrong, or different than yours) if it actually happens it would be impossible to point fingers and say something like ‘the opposing team 1111A used their ultrasound sensor to mess with ours’ . They’re VEX sensors, they’re not consistent. Your code could be wrong, and there’s just too many ‘what ifs’ for this to become a serious issue.