Legality of descoring opponents discs?

If the opponent has a nice stack of discs in their goal, can I shoot one at it with the hopes of knocking it over?

For any question about the legality of something, we must turn to the game manual (or the Official Q&A). As you read the game manual ( ), keep in mind that the game manual tells you things that you must do, and things that you are prohibited from doing. It can’t tell you everything you might do, so if the game manual does not prohibit an action, then it is generally legal. The game manual does not generally discuss any particular game strategy or mechanisms you might use.


In this case there is also a Q&A entry covering this scenario:

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This question has been posted and ruled on in the official Q&A: SG5 and G17 Knocking Discs Out of Goal : Robot Events

TLDR: it is illegal.


If i do remember correctly i remember seeing a Q and A where it said you couldn’t knock discs out of the high goal, i think it also say sit in the game manual

It’s illegal. Check out the game manual, specifcally G17 and SG5.

Edit: Since since no one has linked the relevant Q&A yet.
Check this out! SG5 and G17 Knocking Discs Out of Goal : Robot Events

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many people’ve said that that’s illegal, but you can try to descore discs by hitting the field from this Q&A