Legality of external controllers

Not sure how to title this properly, but would it be legal to make a separate controller, that used motors to physically interact with the V5 controller.

I prefer to be able to have very specific control layouts that I am unable to do with the V5 controller, and I was wondering if there’s anything against just making a separate electronic controller that just moves the V5 controller

As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything against it in the rules, I’m not modifying any electronic components and I’m still technically controlling the robot with the V5 controller.

Not really a feasible idea, but it would be interesting and fun to figure out

My mind went to building a shell around the controller that would let a less physically mobile person to drive the robot and I think that is an awesome idea.

The rules don’t preclude that, so I’d go for it. You would need to show that there isn’t an external user (like a parent) guiding the robot through this controller.

There have been rulings in the past about not using boxes for shorter roboteers to use to see the field, they have been about safety (ie falling off or tripping over the box)

Keep us posted about your project!


I think that this would fall into the same realm as scuff controllers, which are legal.
Interesting idea.


Imagine someone pulls up to a tournament with a fightbox


this was the plan lmao

Yeah, I would ask a Q&A just to be sure. Don’t want someone using it for its accessibility features at a competition and then have some referee say they can’t use it.