Legality of gopro

I was wondering if it would be legal to attach my GoPro and hook it up to my oculus quest 2 with passthrough on and the feed in a mini-player (to help with aim).


No, this is not permitted. No wireless communications permitted on robot other than V5 radio. Vision Sensor wifi also needs to be disabled during matches.


bummer, thanks man ):

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Man wants to play vex in 1st person mode.


precisely, always looking for something new to help improve my team.

what would the legality of adding the gopro only for recording purposes be so like i attach it and i cant monitor the screen of the gopro it would simply be to record some of the match from a robot pov


I was also wondering this, I feel like it would also be cool to just watch it back later, as you stated earlier.

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If you could print to the controller screen, you could show the locations of red/blue color. I’m not sure you can print to the controller though.


So yes, as long as it is only recording, then it’s fine.


there is a vex branded camera (sensor) that you could use.

i know you can print text to the controller screen but you cant draw on the screen of the controller.

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If you can do text then it’s possible to make a REALLY low res image. Or at least a single line showing the location of color.

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