Legality of holding Spin Up nets down with zip ties

During practice we’ve noticed that it is common for the disc to go out of the field when it hits the net instead of falling back in. Our school is hosting a tournament on November 12th, and we need to know if holding the net down with zip ties is allowed.

The game manual doesn’t mention it as an allowed modification for the field, but we would like to know if someone has done something to prevent this. We couldn’t find any documentation on this in the Q&A or in the forum.

<SG9> b states that a disc that exits the field should be returned to the field at a location nearest the point at which they exited, but this problem seems very common and can be solved easily by tying the net down.


Yeah that’s fine we do it I’ve seen other people do it

Set up the field as described by Game Manual - there is no current modification for the netting.

If a disc goes through the net, place it back in the field in the Low Goal area - that is the proper procedure. (either in Game Manual or Q&A posting)

Do not change field because you think that is the way it should be.

Have heard of people modifying the rollers because they thought the screws were wrong level. Nope that is the intended behavior.

(if you are unsure, post in the Official Q&A and wait for reply before changing field set ups).


Are you talking about the high goal net or the net around the feild?

Oh I’m an idiot I thought that said goal sorry

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Not the chain holding the high goal net the large net behind the goals that keep the discs from going out.

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Oh, like @lacsap said, it is illegal to modify that net.

This would probably be legal

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Here is the Q&A about placing discs back into low goal area if it passes through the net:

I found it by searching the term “Net” in the Q&A search field.

It says a damaged net, not a regular net. I do not know what is happening anymore.

Net is not damaged in this case.

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I saw that Q&A, but it only mentions what to do if they go out, as <SG9> states in the manual. It does not however say anything about attaching the net down to the field.

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The specific text is “examples of minor field repairs include but are not limited to”. The net does not have to be damaged, that was only an example.

The Field Assembly says to use the rubber feat to hold the net taught - it does not say create an alternate assembly … Please follow field assembly instructions for qualifying tournament. Level playing field for all tournaments.


Can you say which part of the instructions say that? I can’t seem to find it in the assembly instructions.

Page 83 of the metal perimeter instructions:


Different solution for the portable field on p91 of the instructions for that field:

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Thanks, I was looking at Net Instructions instead of High Goal Instructions.

Yeah–it took some searching to find those, for sure! Upside is that I’m WAY more familiar with both setups after hunting those down. :slight_smile:

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I forget there is also the portable field with all of its own hardware.