Legality of Lift Idea

Hello! Our team has created a lifting mechanism that will get us over the 4 inch lift gap by using two support beams to allow us to lift a robot on our ramp. We’ve run multiple tests with this and there is no lasting damage ever done to the mat. There are a couple of places where there are small indents in the mat where the supports were, but they quickly disappear and within minutes it’s as if nothing was ever there.
Does that violate R3 section a “The following types of mechanisms and components are not allowed: Those that could potentially damage playing field components”? As I stated before, with multiple tests with numerous weights, and there are no visible marks after a few minutes on the field.

I’ve seen it done and not been penalised ever so i assume it’s alright

Yea you should be fine. I would cover any edges that touch the ground with some anti-slip mat just to make sure the tiles don’t get punctured.

That should be fine. What if instead of having the c channel drag against the ground, you rolled a piece of polycarbonate around the edge of the c channel. It would mainly just decrease friction against the playing field but would also reduce the chance of damage. That lift is a really cool concept! Are you going to make a reveal? What team are you with?