Legality of Storage Bot?

So apparently you can’t “PICK” up more than one cone at a time. I’m wondering if it would be legal for a bot to be made that has an area specifically for putting cones onto so that instead of having to go back to get more, you can just reach back and pull one out, and you’re good to go.

(Kind of like the skunkworks starpuncher bot at worlds where the stars were not actually thrown over with the claw)

<SG9> - Robots may not Possess more than one (1) Cone at a time.

Possess - A Robot is considered to be Possessing a Cone if it is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of a Cone in the Robot. Pushing/plowing Cones is not considered Possession, however using concave portions of your Robot to control the movement of Cones is considered Possession.

So, no, you can’t control the motion of more than one cone (excluding stacked cones) aside from pushing them around with a flat plow.

This would constitute possession of more than 1 unstacked cone, unless the stored cones will be stacked (and, by definition, on a mobile goal).

Thus, if I interpret your question correctly, it would be illegal.

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You can’t handle more than one cone at a time, but the only way that you can control multiple cones at once is if they’re stacked on a mobile goal that your robot is controlling. That’s pretty much the gist of <SG9>

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