Legality of this?

Is this wall( legal it’s gonna be attached via a string and if a bot gets tangled in it is it against any entanglement rules or trapping rules

I cant speak for entanglement but just keep in mind that your wall would be inside the protected zone in the large goal zone, which you can’t do.


A few rule concerns here:

  • R3 - The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed:
    c: Those that pose an unnecessary risk of Entanglement.
  • G12 - Strategies aimed solely at the destruction, damage, tipping over, or Entanglement of opposing Robots are not part of the ethos of the VEX Robotics Competition and are not allowed.
  • Note: A Robot which has expanded horizontally in an effort to obstruct the field, or is legally
    covering the top of a Tower in a solely defensive manner, should expect vigorous interactions
    from opponent Robots. Damage that is caused by opponent Robots pushing, tipping, or Entangling with them would not be considered a violation of G12

I have never cared for the “using string as a tether” concept but you would have to ask the GDC Q&A to rule on that.


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