Legality of unlabelled materials

Today I went and bought some screws that I needed from a local hardware store (see picture at bottom). By rule R7c it states that

My problem is that the screws I ended up purchasing did not declare itself as any of them. What kind of screw is this, and will I have to switch to a different type?

Doesn’t Vex sell Phillips head screws? Making these identical?

Either way, these don’t provide you with any competitive advantage, whilst also conforming to R7C. These are legal.

I believe what you have there is considered a #6 screw. So they are legal. The 32 means threads per inch.

Actually they did declare themselves the 6 part of the 6-32 means that they are #6 screws. However, #6 screws are for attaching the 393 and 269 motors or the linear gears (rack gears). For everything else, you need 8-32 screws.

Good point. I assume the OP bought these with they in mind, but always good to make sure.