Legality of using Pitching In plastic sheets in robot

I was wondering if anyone knew if we can use the plastic barrier things from Pitching In in a robot. I would like to use them in my Slapshot bot, I just don’t know if it is legal. If you know the answer, please let me know!

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Your best resource is here:

Look at the Legal Parts Appendix and Illegal Parts Appendix. It’s not updated for the new game, but I bet you can imply how this is going to go.

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Thanks so much! This really helps

What are you planning to do with the plastic sheets?

I was planning to use them to make a ramp for disks in my Slapshot robot.

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Consider using Vex legal plastic sheets for IQ.


The new Thin plastic sheets open up new possibilities for VEXiq build options.

Some of the VEXiq games use the same thickness of PET sheet.
This might take a clarification from GDC if you can cut out old VEXiq PET sheets and replicate the products sold by VEX.

The game manual says that you can’t modify any parts with the only exception being metal shafts

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