Legality of Vexplorer parts in 2019

What is the legality of using Vexplorer wheels in 2019? My team was planning on using them for our intake, but we can’t find anything in the rule book about whether or not they are allowed. I saw in another forum post that DRow had stated that all Vexplorer electronics were illegal. Does this apply to the Vexplorer wheels?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing it’s only electronics.

Vexplorer wheels are legal. This past competition I went to, a team had them on their intake.

Just to say definitively.

All VEXplorer parts other than electronics are legal.

wheels (legal)
bonus gear size(legal)
motors(not legal)
camera (not legal)
weird black metal (legal)


When did you join the GDC? :wink:


I would @ drow and ask him about it

Read the Game Manual. The only thing prohibited is:

b. Electronics from the VEXpro, VEX RCR, VEXplorer, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product line are prohibited.


@DRow if I was to use these in competition, how would I prove that the parts are legal to judges or other participants?

I’m not on the GDC, so I can’t make an official statement as to whether or not these are legal.


DRow for GDC. It says any vex EDR parts in the manual but certain ones can cross over. I don’t think they’re legal but as DRow said,


DRow for GDC! (I am too lazy to fo find the image…)


Please don’t waste Drow’s time - you know the drill on how to ask GDC questions through the Official Q&A on


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I wasn’t saying its official answer, just that it is the right answer :wink:

We can look at the manual to see why.

R5 Robots are built from the VEX EDR system. Robots may be built ONLY using official VEX EDR
components, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules. Teams are responsible for providing documentation proving a part’s legality in the event of a question. Examples of documentation
include receipts, part numbers, official VEX websites, or other printed documentation
c. Official VEX EDR components which have been discontinued are still legal for competition use.
Teams must be cognizant of if attempting to use a discontinued part

R16 Robots use VEXnet. Robots must ONLY utilize the VEXnet system for all Robot communication.
b. Electronics from the VEXpro, VEX RCR, VEXplorer, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product
line are prohibited.

Then we can take a look at past years rulings. Just to see how that was interpreted in the past.

p.s. @Garrison you should come to battlebots next year, just for fun.


Past rulings are explicitly prohibited this season. Must ask again :slight_smile:

Past rulings are not valid as rulings, agreed. Still can take a look to see how it has been interpreted before. Like if you weren’t sure “hey are vexplorer parts EDR parts”, knowing it was considered that way in the past is an indicator.

We can call it weak evidence. Until someone asks this season, there is no strong evidence.


It’s about time…


oooo - that was a good one!

If the rule has not changed, and the rule has been interpreted consistently across multiple seasons, and there has been no reason brought forward to suggest that that interpretation may have changed, i think it is more than just weak evidence, and more a waste of time to officially ask each season.

It is safe to assume that without being given reason to doubt (a questionable event ruling, an announcement, a significant change in wording) that the same rules will be interpreted in the same way from year to year.