Legality of wireless headphones in VEX Competitons

Hello, VEX community. This is my first post, so i’m sorry if I missed any rules or if i’m posting in the wrong thread.

I have a question regarding the legality of wireless headsets usage during a competition. Looking forward to Worlds, our team is brainstorming ways to use wireless or bluetooth connections to communicate each other. From last year we learned that in large convention centres, it is a hassle to run back and forth to communicate with your team members. Therefore me and my teammates thought of using wireless headphones and microphones so that we can possibly communicate better during a competition.

I have not yet found any rules prohibiting this, mostly because i’m clueless as to where to look. However I have not seen any teams using this advantage either. Therefore I want to ask the community for opinions. Is this legal? If it is legal, for those teams that have tried this method, how well does it work?

Thanks in advance, Nitai, Team 472A

I asked this question a while ago and I think this idea is very cool. Other people’s response might be helpful for you.

I think wirless headsets are best for communicating qualification info, scouting and things during tournament around the stadium. I do not think using this for better communication between drivers and coach will help a lot.

The best thing to do is probably post this question on the official q&a not the community one, because karthik does have the final say

He did here

This is just to get community opinion in addition.

My input would be to avoid using headphones and microphones just in terms of range. Either just text/call teammates or maybe walkie talkies.

Remember that Wifi is not allowed at Worlds as it can interfere with VexNet systems.

Most of the problem would just be solved by having any amount of organization among the team members. Maybe have someone in charge of the pit who knows where everyone is at all times? Don’t let people wander off and it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.