Legality of wireless headphones in VEX matches

Hello, VEX community.
I have a question regarding the legality of wireless headsets usage during a match. In the comming school year I am very interested in coaching, however I have such a low voice that is usually not identifiable in extremely loud environments. Therefore me and my teammates thought of using wireless headphones and microphones so that we can possibly communicate better during a match.
I have not yet found any rules prohibiting this. However I have not seen any teams using this advantage either. Therefore I want to ask the community for opinions. Is this legal? If it is legal, for those teams that have tried this method, how well does it work?
Thanks in advance, Martin, Team 3921

This was a similar question.

But, it doesn’t specifically address communicating with someone in the alliance station.

Edit: It sounds like they aren’t going to allow any wireless communications, so I guess the answer is no, you can’t.

IIRC they don’t want wireless connections to interfere with robots. Wire-connected headsets could potentially be legal though

Most wireless headsets do not operate on the WiFi spectrum. If this was the case, they would interfere with each other causing dropages. I believe it would be legal to have communication between drivers, but not to outside the drivers box.

Also I remember seeing people with headsets at worlds walking around. I don’t remember if there were any drivers.

Thank you for the responses. To interfere with robot communication is not my intention. Neither is communicating with people off of the driver team.

I’d just ask Karthik. I don’t believe it’d be legal because of how easy it would be to hide doing something illegal like having people in the stands coach you or whatever, but it’s worth asking.

I have a headset that is iR but still messes with traffic on the 2.4 gHz spectrum due to interference. Interference is still quite possible

Are you sure it’s the IR headset causing interference? Based on what I know about IR (admittedly entirely possible I could be wrong), there’s no way it should interfere. IR communication is actually allowed in the VEX U competition to allow your robots to communicate with each other during autonomous so I would assume it wouldn’t interfere with the VEXnet keys.

I take that back. It is on RF; always assumed it was iR. I have the x41’s from turtle beach that run off of RF, but the x4’s which seem similar run on iR.

Hi, i have asked this in person before to a head ref … the idea of using wireless communication on field is kinda looked at as a big no no, mainly because you can never know who is communicating, if you had a wireless system you could have more than 1 person connected to it, so you could have multiple people from different angles around the field environment talking strategy to you, where you are only meant to have a max of 2 drivers and 1 coach/mentor with you at the field …

i would think that wireless communication would never be approved, as i have been told on multiple occasions when entering the field environment to remove my wireless comm headset.

if you could get a wired system i couldn’t see a problem with it, suggest sourcing the system (or building it) … then posting on official forum.

also in terms of interference, most wireless headphones communicate on a low powered FM transmitter/receiver circuit, on bluetooth, or on wifi (2.4/5.8ghz) … so the FM transmitter versions wouldn’t cause interference with VEXNET, but the 2.4ghz would and bluetooth could cause problems, if you could source a 5.8ghz set should be fine …

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much. This is in fact very helpful. As what is described, maybe using headsets will cause more inconvenience than not using. I guess I’ll have to work on my pitch. :slight_smile:

Some Helium might help. :smiley: Would definitely be easy to identify, stands out well.

Seriously now, I think using headphones, if they are allowed, would be more of a nuisance than it would help. I would guess that you would be looking for some sort of noise cancelling/soundproof type, which makes sense so you can understand each other better. The issue is that you can’t hear things around you as well, which can be a big issue, especially if you are planning to work with your alliance on a strategy, communication between the two drive teams is key. Also, with headphones, everyone hears what you say and it can be difficult to understand who you are talking to. Without them, you can talk (yell) at specific people much easier.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Ok, that made me laugh.

I wonder how well it works. The engineer part of me says "Look, alternate path routing in case of tube (network) failure. :rolleyes:

That is funny. I wonder whether that would be a cool decoration at worlds.:smiley:

I think the purple things have some complex routing instructions so local preferences are maintained and loops are not created. I think this was a picture in the manual… :smiley: