Legality of zipties on wheels

our team just had a question about using zips to attach our wheels and gears together, there’s nothing specific in the manual about the legality of this (yes i understand that if its not specified in the rules 99% of the time its legal until further notice) but we really want a concrete answer for this, because if not im going to have to redesign the drive, or just leave the wheels with slop.

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ftfy? i know RTM but, not this one.

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Fixed that for you.

Anything not explicitly made illegal by the manual is legal.


appreciate it. just never seen it before.

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I would agree with the original 99% statement and not the 100% statement, only due to G3, I experienced something with G3 recently. before the Q and A for where preloads can be placed was answered, we wanted to place our preloads on the opposing alliances side of the field just for fun, but the head ref (@Nathan_Rossi) told us that if we did that, it would be a G3 violation. Which is the 1% of the time what the game manual doesn’t explicitly state something as illegal but was ruled to be illegal.