Legality Question

I have a question regarding some legal issues with the VEX logo. My team designed some “coins” for handouts at worlds. I recently read a thread saying that we can use the VEX logo as long as it is not altered. My team made these and we used the logo for Gateway on the back, but we removed the words “robotics” and “competition.” Is this still legal? We do not want to start making hundreds of these if we can not use the logo.

IMGP6682 by Devin Catron, on Flickr

IMGP6685 by Devin Catron, on Flickr

i would definitely drop by your pits to pick up one os these!
good job! :slight_smile:

Thanks. We are going to make them slightly larger and have some red and some black. Come by with your team and the super stacker. I want to get a closer look at that think.

I don’t think they would carry their entire robot to our pit haha. We can always go see them if and when we have down time.

And yes. Expect big things from us at worlds :slight_smile:

I would suggest posting a question in the official Q&A. Multiple forum posts have indicated that VEX does not want a change in color or design (other than the size) of the logo, however you may be able to receive special permission. Below are some of these posts.

Post 1
Post 2

They look really cool though!

i would defenitly like one of those

We will probably post in the Official Q and A later today.

And its great to know the you guys like them! I personally was a bit skeptical on these at first but we are going to have one of those poker chip cases and have a lot of them to handout to either every team in our division or just every team.

also is it legal to program the gyro in the controller and then have it work through the gyro and programing using the gyro in the remote during autonomous

No. Autonomous cannot have driver control in any way whatsoever.

devinc to get a reply on your official question thread I think you have to put it in the “VRC World Championship 2012 Official Q&A” section not the “OFFICIAL Answers - Ask the VEX Staff!” section.

okay, thank you. I will move it now.

VEX Robotics has approved this design, and they appreciate the teams following the rules for use of IFI/VEX/RECF trademarks.