Legally knocking over oppposing alliance mobile goals

The third bullet point specifies that it’s only illegal to knock over alliance goals if the rings scored are descored.
If my understanding is correct, if there are (for example) 4 rings on the blue alliance goal branch and the opposing team knocks the goal over so that the rings remain on the branch, that action is legal, albeit risky.
And it would be a real bummer if the blue team drove into their knocked over goal and descored their own rings.

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Um… ok. Sure. You can knock over alliance mogos. Congrats. You could maybe pull that off once in a tournament, and get DQ’d every other time. All to deprive the other alliance of a few points (assuming they drive into that goal anyway).

Not much of a loophole in my opinion. Maybe a handy trick in case you accidentally do it?


yep. It’s not revolutionary or anything. I just thought it was interesting

doesn’t actually say “become not scored”, it just says “removed”. does a ring falling partway the branch onto the ground count as “removed”? could it be considered “removed” from the branch, even if it is still technically scored in the goal.

Also it seems incredibly risk any not reliably repeatable, and you would likely get DQ’ed if you repeatedly show intent to flip opponent alliance goals with rings on them, even if it wasn’t match affecting.


You could knock over mogos with no rings on them without being penalized, but other actions against mogos/rings will likely result in DQ or penalization.

Xenon is right about this, especially when flipping neutral goals, as the branches face outward and are likely to spill rings. I did a few experimentations on this a few days ago, and found that if you try to flip the neutral goals, you are almost guaranteed to descore rings. Alliance mobile goals, however, usually don’t spill that often, though doing so is still taking the risk of being DQ’ed.

well there’s nothing against tipping neutral goals. Seems better to steal a loaded neutral goal than to knock it over, but in a time pinch it would be worth it.


Actually, that’s a good idea. Make the opponent do the work for you, then steal it!

yup… generally rule of thumb - if you want to score on the neutral goal, then make sure you can guard it as well


Xenon has a point, but boy that would sure be a bummer if a team knocked the rings off their tipped mogoal. That would totally be showing off if you could manage tipping over alliance goals.