lego motors/sensors with vex

Can I use lego motors/sensors with vex?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

You can’t mix and match the computers with the sensors and motors (the Vex and Lego NXT motors/sensors have completely different ways to connect to the computers) but otherwise the two should work fine together, provided you can find a way to connect the Lego parts to the Vex parts.

I’m willing to bet that someone will come along and correct me, explaining a way to connect the Vex motors/sensors to a Lego computer and vice verse. . lol.

I think you would need a speed controller for the motors, I believe they are two wire so that would mean they aren’t PWM controlled.

i think i did this once just not with vex, the motor has 4 pins (metal pads around the studs), i took a 9v battery and a clip and basically did all the different combinations, i made a chart of which did which, basically theres an h-bridge that controls the the direction of the motor, solder all the pads to a wire (dont melt the plastic though) and then connect them to an i/o port on the vex microcontroller (the signal) and use high and low signals, although you might want to use some transistors for an external motor power supply or you’l burn out the i/o ports, you could use a for loop and some timer commands to send pulses to change the speed (rapid pulses = faster, slower pulses = slower)

you could control speed through programming

and BTW robovike i completed your bet:D

OK - What about sensors?:confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :rolleyes: :cool:

the touch sensor probably works like a normal switch, as for light sensors i have no idea, i know it ouputs a analog value (look in inventors guide) to the RCX but you’d probably have to read it digitally, i have no idea how to do this