Lego NXT

How many of you peopel enjoy the NXT as much as me. I currently hold 6th place in most posts out of about 4,000 people on the nxtasy forums and I have 4 websites that are mine nd that i contribute to (not necessarily proffesional) i love the NXT so much. I am always using it no tv no videogames just NXT. I want some vex though. But all my projects are on NXTlog at and my username everywhere on the internet is megamindstorm101 . Anyone have anything to share about the NXT here. :slight_smile: I also am wondering is robobuilder any good?

This forum is mainly about VEX.

But if you want to compare the NXT & VEX briefly,

*]3 motors
*]4 sensors

*]10 motors
*]8 interrupt sensors
*]16 A/D sensors

I’m leaving out programming flexibility, processing and lots of other details,

wow 10 motors. COOOL. and i put it into the chitchat section becasue it said “for disscussion of things non related to robotics” so it didnt have to be vex.

16 motors can be run from the Vex controller with the use of Y cables, the upcoming power expander pack should keep the 16 motors running for a while. However during comp you can use a max of 10 motors or servos.


hmmm interesting. Well is there a list of all the sensors or is it like the NXT where it isnt even possible to make a list due to the fact of how many peopel sell and make snesors. Also how much traction does the vex treads have? are they plastic? if so wouldnt it slide? i know the lego tracks are pretty good for carpet and they can climb over my arm and other obstacles but the second you put it on marble or something really really smooth it just slides where it is pushed. Though on flat smooth terrain it will still drive around just fine but it isnt strong enough to go over obstacles and things.

Yes the Vex tank treads are plastic and they drive great on carpet and rough surfaces. However they do slip on hardwood floors and smooth surfaces. But this isn’t a problem if you have the tank thread upgrade kit which gives you some high traction tank threads links.


hmmm ok. SO its not like it is any better than the tracks though lego doesnt have special tracks. i saw those special tracks they look neat though to make our “special tracks” we have to just plastic dip them. So is there any way of vex microcomputer to another vex microcomputer. like NXT to NXT. because then you can do cool dance maneuvers with robots. also are the pneumatics fast acting like shoot in and shoot out or are they slowish.

Yes you can connect two Vex microcontrollers together by connecting the Vex RX and TX ports and sending data packets over the ports with code.

Check the forum there are some posts about this topic


I am working on a RO-CIP Standard to exchange information between Two or More Vex Controllers (or other Types of Controllers) and Computers too.

Here is my Vex Controller Plan.

oh so you put a sender and a reciver as a sensor in each one and then the master can send to the slave. Can the slave send to the master? SO you have to take up one sensor port to do it? well there are 16 i think you said anyways.

Yes the two controllers can interact and send data between each other. As for the number of ports this takes up, there are two ports (above sensor port 16) that are labeled as Rx and Tx, these are connected with the opposing controllers Rx and Tx ports. NO sensor ports are used in this setup.


hmmm very interesting. So it is something you have to add on but it doesnt take up any of the sensor ports. As of the sensors is there a commpass sensor so that the vex robot can tell which direction it is going? also is there an infrared seeker so that your robot can sense which direction infrared is coming from that way you can make a cool soccer playing robot with an ir ball. :slight_smile:
But the vex is a lot more advanced than lego. Is there a way to make a soccer playing robot without these sensors i just said. if so how?