Length of C-channel for dr4b?

I have never built a dr4b and I’m thinking about getting some aluminum since all the parts we have are steel. Im willing to get one of the 6 pack aluminum C-channels but not sure what size. can someone with experience help me?

Get a 35, I think height will be key this year


Build the dr4b according to the size of your base. If your base is small, then don’t use really long c-channels that protrude out of the base. With that said, its always nice to have 35 hole c-channels since you can shorten them if necessary and keep the scrap, compared to having a short c-channel that isn’t long enough.


It’s also important to buy enough aluminum; I think you’ll need at least 12 c-channels to build a DR4B. In regards to length, it really does depend on your base and what you’re trying to accomplish. That being said, I’d recommend using 35 hole c-channels whenever possible for this game.


Unfortunately, I only have enough go get one pack right now, i did a quick drawing and I have the yellow as aluminum and black as steel. Is there any better way to reposition the bars? image

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Not bad. But, I’d try to keep all the steel closer to the towers, so at least your center of mass will be lower. Perhaps make the first 4 bar all steel, and make the center tower and upper 4- bar mostly aluminum. Also, consider gearing in the center column, and please rubber band the lift.


I agree with this, if you’re going to use steel, you might as well use it on the lower arms to keep the top as light as possible.

@Download_Complete posted this in a older thread, hopefully it helps you figure out how long to make your c channel depending on how tall you wAnt the lift. Just remember to make a copy before editing it👍

Topic the equation is from


If you have a max size base ( just smaller than 18x18) then I’d use either 5 or 6 segment long c channel

I havent built my base yet, I think im going close to max width and using a 30 hole for length