Less than 45 degrees on claw

I’ve been trying to get an angle that’s flatter than 45 degrees on our claw but I haven’t been able to find a secure way of doing it. I’ve seen some other teams achieve this but the joint is always covered by friction padding. Using different holes in the 45 degree gusset only allows one screw hole in one of the c-channels which allows it to pivot.

Triangles of support. Connect the claw c-channel to the arm with one point and use another piece of structure to hold it at an angle.

ah, so connect one hole of each c-channel then something else to keep the angle.

Could also put the whole claw on a hinge and have something that stops it coming down at the angle you want.

Ah, I think my question has been misunderstood. The angle I was talking about was the claw prongs themselves, as in the things that actually grab the stars and not how are claw is attached to the lift.

Choose a starting hole and loosely screw one end of the metal there. For the second hole, figure out the exact angle you want the piece and mark it with a sharpie. Double check to make sure that its the right angle for you, then drill a hole there, if there is not one already there. When you screw any metal to that hole I suggest that you nylock it since the hole may be wider than the standard vex holes.