Are their any lessons or video tutorials for V5 text?

Yes on the Vex robotics website, stem labs and the teacher certication course should have information about V5 text, there probably aren’t as many video tutorials on Youtbe yet, since V5 text was only released a few monthes ago.

Video Tutorials + STEM Labs supporting VEXcode V5 Text 1.0 will be included in the next update.


Great, any idea for the time frame of release 1.0

Now that V5/IQ Blocks is out and working, we’re actively working on V5/IQ Text now. Our internal target is to have the next V5 Text update available in late September / early October.


It has been really great the work you guys are doing notifying of upcoming features and anticipated release days. This is a huge improvement and help to the VEX EDR community!

thank you!


Our goal is to be more open and honest with our development plans as we launch the next generation of tools with VEXcode. It’s obviously hard to project specific dates and features as snags do come up… (those pesky Chromebooks)… but if release or feature delays do occur, expect us to be communicative as possible.

We are committing significant resources to making things right as we move forward and appreciate all of the feedback and support from the community.