Let STEM Be Heard

Let STEM Be Heard

Nowadays, STEM education has received high regards worldwide, also in China. We, as students from Sannew school, are fortunate to have the opportunity to approach it, while many others have no such chance. Thus, we come up with this plan that is intended to popularize STEM education to students of special group.

On our last visitation to Wuhan NO.1 Deaf-mute School on 06/01/2018, we conducted our teaching in two separated part: robotics and UAV. We taught them basic knowledge and instruct them to try by themselves. During this activity, we discovered their strong interests and efforts in these once unapproachable things. Therefore, we decide to maintain communication with their school and conduct this activity periodically.

We hope to enhance and strengthen the communication between the deaf-mute students and plan on continuing to teach them deeper knowledge of robotics. Once they are at a higher level, we will invite them to have a communication between our school and other international schools that are also interested in pursuing such activity. Also, based on the past activities, we plan to make an expansion on them, hoping to invite them to our school to join some amusing courses(3D Printing for example)or invite them to give performances on some of our school’s evening parties. We even hope that they can teach us sign language in order to better understand them to make our communication more efficiently.

All these activities left a deep impression in our minds. One may question that why we spontaneously want to persist on such a difficult task without any assistance or physical awards. Our answer is the eager in their eyes. Our goal is to let everyone hear what we are hearing.

Because we are amateurs, especially in the education for special group, we may need professional help. We look forward to hearing from everyone who is glad to share some relative experiences or knowledge. We hope anyone interested in this to contact us.

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                                                                                                                                    Allen-Zhang, Molundo-Wei from Sannew VEX Club
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We are: Wuhan Sannew International School(High School), China
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