Lets cause infinite misery whilst programming

Imagine, that one day yourself or your teammate are in a rush to finish off programming your robot before that important scrim the day after, “This program is going to be perfect” says your teammate. As the orange tether comes out of the USB port and the VexNet key enters you look over to your teammate to see an utter face of despair, a kind of looming existentialism about themselves.

They have realised that for some reason there autonomous has decided not to work, whether sensor ghosts or just typos, the autonomous program has decided to infinitely turn the wheels in opposite directions and raise your dr4b, what do you suppose would be an ideal solution to this common problem that we all face?

That’s correct, you thought of it, I thought of it, we all thought of it. It’s pouring salt onto the wound and just making it worse.
Today, my lovely vex forum community, I would like to request your expertise in trolling programmers for fun.

Basically, I would like to include a colossal amount of comments all throughout my autonomous programs to encourage myself to solve these problems, and I assume a few people may try the same thing.

These comments are not meant to be nice solutions, but harsh, reality-checks, or semi-helpful but still cruel comments, or even just random things- essentially just something that can troll the programmer.
The idea behind this is just to help overcome troubles during programming, I know it may seem like a terrible idea, and it is, but its fun, and we all love a bit of fun when we deal with these programming issues.

So yeah, if you guys have any comments, or things that could possibly trigger programmers, please comment them.

Where’s the Three Cube auto

4* (Never settle for less than the best!)

Greek question mark

Lmao yessss

Always triggers programmers when builders finish the build the day before comp and expect you to have a killer auton made.

legit what happens every time for me, they take like 5 months then give us a day to program ;-;

Lol. Triggered to the max.



while(0) {}

(or equivalent) instead of a block comment, especially when debugging by temporarily omitting sections of code.

Unscrew the supports on the towers.
Move the batteries where there is the most weight so the robot has a higher chance of tipping.
Unplug a single wire randomly from the robot.
Give the team a near-dead battery instead of a new battery for whenever they test auton.
Add grease on only one side of the drivetrain so when you tell the robot to start and stop the robot turns a direction before it moves or halts.
Tell a new programmer this:
“You’re supposed to use while statements instead of if statements.”

#pragma DebuggerWindows("debugStream")

task main()
writeDebugStream ("Misery \n")

Oh, that isn’t what you meant? Well, how about we play defense this year? It worked so well in ITZ.

My team attached a shaft encoder to a non-spinning axle, and no one noticed it until the day before our first competition

rip, these comments are really good, let’s keep at it.
Meanwhile I’m having a panic attack because I have a tournament in 10 hours and our puncher stopped working gg