Lewis and Woody Need Help

Hello, my name is Lewis and I’m here with Woody and we got some questions about robots.

So we are on a Robotics Team and our teacher wants us to come up with some really revolutionary designs for a robot. It is the competition called “Nothing but Net.” We would really love some help with designing. Any ideas?

Lewis and Woody

Start with a good base and gain experience with the parts you’re not going to be building anything revolutionary if this is your first time using the vex platform.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that they won’t. you have no indicator of their skill level or dedication to what they’re doing. But that aside, there isn’t much I can tell you except to research. I got where I am by spending my days and nights working with the system and staring at pictures of the best robots to learn their tricks. Put in the time, and think outside the box.

Well it is, sounds like their first time and like you said looking online is an excellent resource buy nothing beats experience
Good luck this season

defiantly go to YouTube, find videos of the best teams, just about all of the ideas I have come up with are on youtube check out team 929W or 1727B for flywheel designs, check out team 62 for a really unique “puncher” design, and check out the New Zealand teams for some cool catapults. As for drives, there are so many possibilities, I would say browns the forums, search the forum for posts about drives

Something I would add: As you are researching, you may want to buid little prototypes just to get a sense of how things work. For example, if you see lifts like four bars or six bars, you could quickly build something out of straps to understand the concept.

You should probably read the game rules first (one great suggestion). If you do not have access to many parts yet you could learn how to use Autodesk (a free cad program), there are downloads for the files of the parts on the vex website. I would also say that you should first learn how to build a solid design, look at other robots, USE BEARING.

Look at our Youtube channel, we have a few solid robots on there.:slight_smile: