Lexan restrictions info?

I wanted to use lexan for a scoop and i wasnt sure if it was ristricted or if you can use it for whatever you want.

lexan (or polycarbonate) is on the list of acceptable plastics. As long as you stay under the maximum allowed thickness, and you part will fit onto the 12" x 24" allowed piece, you can make anything you want out of it. (But no gluing things together).

Thanks! Much apprtiated!

To clarify, it also has to be 1/16 inch thickness or less.

It’s actually .07in or less. Lots of distributors just do 1/16 though

That is true. In my experience the closest size you can actually get from manufacturers is 1/16 inch so I forget about the exact .07 in number.

There was a team that came to our tournament with .5in thick lexan haha

Wow thars thick. What would be the best way to “sharpen” the edge to get under stars?

You mean slanted? To slide it under the cubes as an intake?

Since it will only be 1/16 inch you probably won’t need to “sharpen” the edge. It will be thin enough to slide under.

A sixteenth is .0625", but there is some variability between manufacturers. The .07" rule was put into place to protect teams from ordering 1/16" polycarbonate only to find that what they received was slightly thicker than a sixteenth. As as far as I know, in the US, you cannot order anything between 1/16 and .07" off the shelf.

So you can have as many pieces as you want? I thought the rule said all of your lexan parts had to fit into one single 12x24 sheet. Am I wrong?

They aren’t talking about the amount of pieces, they are talking about the thickness of the lexan

This is correct.
Everything needs to fit into one piece.

Run the edge along a grinder or belt sander. Like sharpening a knife or lawn mower blade.

ALso, save the wrapper and/or receipt that states the thickness, in case a judge questions whether it is too thick or not.