Lexan thickness rule

Hi so my team was at a small competition and we had two pieces of lexan sold by vex (the wall pieces) which is 1/8th of an inch thick and we are told that we have to have 1/16th of an inch thick lexan which is not sold by vex. Can somebody explain to me the importance of this rule and why it exists?

The rule is more or less made so teams don’t have lexan so thick it can be replaced by metal, and also for teams with wealth and equipment to not have as big of an advantage against not as wealthy teams.


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Sold by VEX here https://www.vexrobotics.com/polycarbonate.html

It’s one of the few things that RobotMesh doesn’t carry, but you can get it from robosource or their store on Amazon if you need it Friday,

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The other responses are all correct, just wanted to add something.

“Sold by VEX” is not the same as “competition-legal part”. VEXpro and VEX IQ parts are sold by VEX. Field elements (and perimeter pieces, as you pointed out) are sold by VEX. Game elements and trophies are sold by VEX. None of these are legal for use on a VRC robot. It’s very important to pay close attention to the rules and make sure that your robot is legal.

You can also check over your robot using the official inspection checklist to make sure you’ll pass all the checks they do at competition.


An experienced coach just informed me that the ramp material from last year is legal to use!


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That coach was right! The polycarbonate sheets on the Tipping Point Platforms are legal to be reused on your competition robot! There are a few other field elements that can be used on the robot as well. The backboards from Change Up are the first to come to mind.


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