Lexan Usage

So the official rules for Sack Attack say we can have 12"x24" of lexan. Does this mean we can only have pieces of lexan that can be cut from a sheet this size or does it mean we can have 288 square inches in any size, if any one sheet does not exceed the dimensions of 12x24?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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The “ask VEX” forum is for product questions. I’ve moved your question here because it has been asked many times this year, including in the Official VRC Sack Attack Q&A forum.

Here is a link to the last time this was asked in the official Q&A.

We appreciate the response, however the linked thread does not answer our question. We understand that a single piece can not exceed said lengths, but can it be cut from a piece bigger than that?

For example two pieces that are, for instance, 13x6?


Another simple search of “Polycarbonate Size” yielded this thread. Basically the limit isn’t 288 square inches, but that the pieces you use can be reassembled into a 12"x24" sheet. Using two 13"x6" pieces would be illegal because they could only be assembled into a 12"x26" sheet at minimum.

Edit: Excuse my math failure. Leaving it there because I’m **** proud of it.

Err, how about two pieces of 13"x6" cut from 13"x12", seems like that’s inside 24"x12".

Another link.


From this link it looks like you can use a piece smaller than the 24x12. So you don’t need to get a piece exactly that lenght/width? That’s just the max?

I remember that in past seasons Cambie 1107B used to bring along a model of all the polycarbonate pieces on their robot to show inspectors that the pieces could come out of one 12x24 sheet. It doesn’t matter how big the sheet is you started with, or how many sheets you use, as long as the thickness is legal and the parts on the robot can be “reassembled” into a single 12"x24" piece.

Thanks guys!

As stated above the pieces need to be able to be assembled into something that fits within the 12 X 24 in limit.

Oh, ok. Good! We are all good then!

1107B :wink:
and heres our template for our super stacker last year


Is doing this actually necessary?

No, I suppose not. Our team made a template, but it was never used as we ended up not needing as much polycarbonate as originally planned. It would be useful for things like your engineering/design notebook, as well as if you think somebody could potentially question the amount of polycarbonate on your robot.

Finally, it’s always good to have a plan before cutting.

Alright cool - thanks! Our team is planning on purchasing Lexan for the first time next year so it’s nice to have this sort of thing in mind.

how else were we suppose to prove that we used the allotted amount of lexan, when someone challenges us? (exp the head inspector)

in case you dont know, this was our superstacker :wink:

at worlds, the inspectors eyes almost bulged out when he saw the amount of lexan on this robot :stuck_out_tongue:
until we pulled out the lexan layout sheet

Wing flaps? Did you lower them 15 degrees on take-off? I don’t see any ailerons :smiley:

haha, those deployed out the side of the robot (like wings) so it would be touching the starting tile which makes it legal for us to matchload, reposition, etc (depending on the situation) while engulfing the low goal :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to create a sheet like this :slight_smile: Don’t want to get it trouble at Worlds.

Great idea/suggestion @murdomeek :wink:

Wow that is too awesome haha:D