Libraries for RobotC

What would people like to see in RobotC? (Function wise).
I would personally like to see more Libraries (added functions) to RobotC, like being able to create classes and call upon them.

I want to really fine tune the PD and PID control in my robot. At the moment I just do it by eye, but I would like a data log of the sensor values to see how my robot responds over time.

ie. I would like to record each sampled value from the potentiometer while the arm is moving towards a preset angle. By graphing the data, this will tell my how my arm responds to different proportional and derivative constants.

Does anybody know if there is an easy way to do this?

For now my plan is to send sensor information back to my PC through UART (using a TTL to RS232 level shifter and USB to serial cable), and write a quick program on my PC to read/record the data. I would then use Matlab to make a graph, and analyse the data. Actually, that doesn’t sound too hard now that I think about it.

I think it would be cool for teaching demonstrations too.

Pikey ~ Team aMEss, Massey University, New Zealand

You just use the debug terminal on Robots and every time frame output the variables you want, the only problem is that you have to manually copy and paste them into a graph.

Or you could write your own application to process the output from the micro-controller.

Yea but that requires time, so if you the the time then by all means go for it, otherwise the RobotC terminal would be a good option

You’re right, I just think that it would be cool to have something like NXT2Excel for vex.