Licence plate -- would this be considered as "functional"?

The licence plate has a smooth, hole-less surface; could it be placed at where the stop switch would make contact with the body, so that it doesn’t go through one of the holes instead?

And also, what does it mean that they need to be placed at two opposing sides?


You should really put this in the official Q&A forum.

But, being an inspector at an event, I would say that the licence plate is “functional” and therefore not allow it.

The two opposing sides simply means that the plates are visible from two opposing sides of the robot. (ie, can be the team number be seen from the front and back or from the right and left side or if you’re looking at the robot at an angle theta, can the team number be read from theta + pi?)

Hope this helps,

  • Sunny G.

Thanks for the reply, sorry about posting in the wrong section, there are so many forums in here that I wan’t sure exactly which one I should post in.


I think sunny gave you pretty good advice.

  1. Official game rule answers come from the Q&A forum.

  2. If you remove an item and the robot’s function(s) change(s), then that item is, by definition, “Functional”.