License Plate Holder

I made a CAD model of a license plate holder which is what I’m sharing with you all, it is meant to have velcro to secure the plates and print at 1:1 scale it is made to perfectly fit a license plate
Download it off Thingiverse

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I don’t think I have access, by the way.

It should be shared through link, it is shared through Google drive so that might be the issue
I’ll try to upload it tomorrow In a way that doesn’t require drive, also it should bring you to a screen which asks for you to download the file which is what should happen

I don’t have access.

I’ll upload it a different way tomorrow I sadly can’t do anything rn

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20 charrrrrr…

Try this instead

It still says I need to request access

make sure you have it where anyone with the link can have access to it

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I’ve tried that but since it’s not a Google doc, slide, sheet or drawing and is from a CAD program I don’t fully have the option, I’ll send a better link tomorrow that hopefully doesn’t have this fault but for today just request access

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Vex License Plate bodys.ipt (295 KB)

try this, otherwise idk what’s wrong so you’d have to make your own file

it may be easier to post it on thingiverse than give permission to individuals

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The problem with thingaverse is that I don’t think they allow us to export files into it, i will look into it and if it works I’ll update this, otherwise please use the seconds link that should work better

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