License Plate Holders 3D Model

So I just got a 3D printer for christmas (yay) and my teammates on 4810E would like me to print a pair of license plate holders. I have been looking all around for them for about 2-3 hours and I haven’t found any so I was wondering if anyone had a design that I could use for my team. If you do please comment it and if there is more than one I will chose the one my team likes best. I will also tell my team your teams number if you would like so we could shout you out in our notebook.
PS. not the notebooker so IDK if they will put your number in the book but I will try to convince them.
Merry Christmas From North Union
-Zach Meyer on
Infinity Force

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Here’s one that looks neat:

And there are several other results if you search Thingiverse for “vex license plate holder”.


Thank you! Merry Christmas!


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