License plate installation

Where do your team install your license plates? How can you make it easy for switching plates when you are on a different colored alliance?

I think there are license plate clips which can make it easy to swap license plates

You can also consider making a swappable license plate holder like this one in the forum: Quick swap vex name plates

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We usually bolt one of the colors down on the robot and use Vex IQ pins to mount the other color on top when we switch



You could use velcro. that is fast and easy.

Whatever you do, be sure to make it stable. I recently lost a qualification match by one point because I got stuck on my alliance’s license plate that had fallen off, blocking me in the final seconds from placing the winning cube.

So that’s my problem with Velcro. (This team in question had an assembly resting on long standoffs, not Velcro.) It might come loose.

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we put velcro and it was super sticky, if you afraid that it will fall, then put a screw through the metal too without a nut of it. Our first competition was held by bubber rands and zipties since we have no place to put it.

Use Vex IQ Clips
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