license plate mounting

Are there any rules on the license plate mounting.

Like position or the way you mount it?

You need to have licence plates on 2 opposing visible sides of your robot. The licence place should be the color of the alliance you are.

Is that the only rule or is there anything on where on the robot the plates have to be?

Can we put the plate on moving parts like a claw or a catapult?

R19 states,

So the licence plates have to be on opposing sides.

If you put them on a moving object, make sure they are readable at all times.

Thank you for the help.

Sort of unrelated, but is the license plate considered a non-functional decoration or a functional Vex part? Like could you potentially use it as a functional “structure” piece? It’s totally weak and not good for ANYTHING, but I was just wondering if it’s legal or not, and I didn’t want to post an official Q&A

@Mr. Vex has a point not that I want to use this idea but is it Legal?

It is a decoration. You cannot use it as a structural element. R19.a: “The VEX Team Identification Number Plates are considered a non-functional decoration, and cannot be used as a functional part of the robot.”

Thanks, I didn’t see that.

No worries. We are all in this together.

On a side note, really love how the new plate kits come with VEXiQ pins.

Does that mean we (HS) can 3D print custom plates, or would we still need the Vex-supplied ones?

How do you use the IQ pins to mount the plates? I never figured that out.

The idea of the IQ pins is that you screw one plate onto the robot, and then can clip the other color over top and remove it easily.

I asked that in the Q&A last year. You must use the official plates.

As for other rulings I have seen, you can modify the plates to a certain extent. Was thinking of laser cutting out our team numbers, then 3d printing white inserts for the plates. I am hoping that might be legal. We use 3d printed plates for school demos and such. Helps showcase one more aspect of our program.