License plate plastic material

Does anybody know what type of plastic VRC license plates (276-3938) is? I would like to use a laser engraver on the hack of one, and there are types of plastic (such as PVC) that give off toxic and/or corrosive fumes.

I was not able to find the information online, and, in calling Vex, they could not provide me with the information.

Assuming it is the same plastic as the gears it is made of delrin, which will release toxic fumes. So long you have system ventilation you can still do it

I think it is more likely that the plastic is ABS. I was going to say ABS or polypropylene, but ABS sinks and PP floats in water. One wet license plate later, I am leaning towards ABS.

ABS will produce toxic fumes, but most plastics will, so good ventilation is important no matter what.


ABS = mustard gas
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I did some research and acetal/Delrin has a very low friction coefficient, as a result its quite hard to stick stickers to it, so it’s probably not that, as most stickers stick quite well to it.

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I’d guess they are the same ABS as IQ structural parts.