License Plates at Worlds


So, I would ask this question on the official site, but it is down. Our teams are getting ready for Worlds. Last year during inspection, you wouldn’t pass with the flippable license plates if you could see the backside. You needed to cover up the back side. Ex. if you flipped your plates to blue, you shouldn’t be able to see the red plates. Teams were told to use tape/paper/something to cover up the other side.

I had heard that, this year, they may say that if you are a blue robot only blue plates would be on your robot (and only red when you are red).

Has anyone else heard this?

At Iowa, there was a team there that I inspected (242A) that had a great solution. The problem is that they used and IQ part (see attached pics). This part should be cross-listed.IMG_2120 IMG_2119 IMG_2118



The Game Manual update specifies that the opposing color be masked with electrical tape so not to cause confusion.

There are plenty of solutions without resorting to bringing VEX IQ components …

Also in the update to the game manual, the license plate needs to not make contact with low flags.

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Since license plates are defined as non-functional components in <R20b> anyway, I think it’d be fine to use IQ components to mount them. Maybe there has been a previous ruling to the contrary (I didn’t see one in a quick forum search; couldn’t search this year’s Q&A because it’s down) but barring anything like that I think using those IQ components to mount license plates is pretty clever and I’d pass it at inspection.



Question about your comment for the low flag usage. We have an extra set of decorative plates displaying our team name (not our number) on the front of our bot. While these can contact low flags they are directly attached to a C channel we use for that purpose. I look at it as the C channel hitting the low flag, do you think this is allowed?

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Why risk it, just move to non-functional stuff to where there can be no contact?

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This appears not to be allowed in the wording of the game manual update.

The VRC License Plates are considered a non-functional decoration, and cannot be used as a functional part of the robot. As such using License Plate for functional purpose, such as Toggling Flags, is not permitted.

There is no qualifier as to having other material backing it.

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Gotcha I’ll take a look at it, we can probably just lower them a hole and they’ll be out of the way

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We did that - no worries then :slight_smile:

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But isn’t there a clause in the section defining non-functional decorations permitting their usage as long as they are inconsequential to robot performance?
(Giant logo acting as a wall must have legal backing behind it)

Using that interpretation, I would rule your “Destiny Boyz” plates legal (I assume these are the plates in question). But be prepared to remove them if asked.
And the safe move would be to simply relocate them out of the way. (So I would do that so there’s no confusion)

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<R7k> specifically allows the usage of VEX IQ pins for mounting license plates.



The update does not allow for such interpretation - if the license plate is used to toggle lower flags, then it is functional. Past rulings have said the test is would the function be achieved without the non-functional decoration. In this situation, if your remove the license plates, the robot is no longer identifiable.

My advice, move the license plates down…

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Awesome … I saw someones recap and new that you can’t use the plates to push the flags, but didn’t see the other note. Thanks.



I would agree with this. Even if there is something behind it, since you are hitting it with the plate and the plate sticks out 1/4-1/2 inch, I would say that is functional and thus would not allow it.



I am pretty sure there were teams pointing that out this season. It is consistent with non-functional, if you remove it, will your robot perform identically…

I have to think there must have been enough discussion on that one point that it was an issue.

Easy fix.



This was an issue at VA states, they just made teams put enough tape to cover most of the back of the plate. For worlds, we’re painting two extra plates and just swapping out the red and blue plates on top. It wasn’t a huge deal as long as you make some attempt to cover them.



As teams are using 3D printed holders to hold license plates which are ruled legal, it is perfectly fine to use VEX IQ components like such to hold your license plate.
Since the license plate is nonfunctional, you can hold the license plate any way you please :slight_smile:



I like that solution. I have some IQ parts and this would make fastening and changing the plates easy. It would be nice to see an official ruling, as I fear without that, it may be open to interpretation at events.



In the VEX EDR produces, if you look at purchasing license plates, it references using the vex IQ parts to attach them.



@Connor1814D @sabarrett328 @leroyroberts

Let me reiterate:

From the game manual:

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional "non-VEX" components:

    k. VEX IQ pins used solely for the purpose of attaching VEX Team Identification Number Plates.


I’m thinking these are the vex IQ pins, as this is what comes with the license plates

Those in the original post are called connectors

Don’t get me wrong, I would love be able to use these as it would make mounting and changing super easy. It might be worth a try.

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