License plates colors

We have custom 3D printed license plates. If we are red, we have a red plate with white text that has our team name and number. But we have a small text that says EST. 2022 that is the opposite color, ie, blue.

Is this legal because it is obvious that it is still a red team but it has blue text on it. If not, can I use a different colors, ie, green?


What is legal is defined by the game manual (, in this case, rule R24 gives the requirements. The main points of R24 appear to be OK in your case, and if the extra stuff doesn’t interfere with meeting the requirements of “subpoint a” then you should be ok. However, the wording of the rule allows for some interpretation by the Head Referee…so, to be safe, I’d bring a set of regulation/standard plates in my pocket just in case the Head Referee has some issue.