License plates

Our team was wondering if we could mount one color plate and then mount the other one on top of it, or do we have to take the plate off each time we switch alliances?

We have people using binder rings and flipping the plates between them. You just have to have the space to flip the alternate color to the back.

Yes, that’s what many teams do. Screw one on, and if necessary clip the other on top with VEX IQ pins.

We have two standoffs screwed to the base, and then screw both colored licence plates to each other with spacers/standoffs between them so that we can just flip them around. We used to use velcro and just replace them, but this way we can’t lose them.

Team 50000 uses these ( @Byte Me Robotics ):

Some people have some interesting ideas here: License Plate Flippers
3921’s flipper looks like a good idea, along with the (50000) simpler version of our flipper at the top of the page.