License Purchase for V4?

I’ve been very frustrated by the communication (or lack thereof) related to Easy C V4. Apart from a response on this forum, I haven’t seen any mention that the new software needs to be purchased (not upgraded from V2) and I can’t find any information on making a license purchase. We purchased a Cortex controller and joystick, installed the software from the disc included (awesome upgrade by the way) and plugged in the demo subscription code that was on the disc. It came back invalid. Now we have one day left on our trial license and no way to upgrade. What gives?

The kids are super excited about the Cortex and the improvements to Easy C. They really want to design with it’s new capabilities in mind. Any idea when this will be worked out? In the meantime, is there a way we can re-up our demo license?


Thanks for your interest in easyC V4. A license can be purchased at

The latest version of the easyC V4 can be downloaded at

Hope this helps and good luck with your team. Thanks.