Lift and programming doubts

Hello everyone, I’ve done a lift that you can see down. But, I have some problems. The motors don’t have power enough to raise the lift and take two cubes, then I believe the maxium power’s motor is 127 (in the programming), is this true or the motors have more power? Another doubt it’s that I don’t know where I have to put the rubberbands in the lift, can someone say it to me?

Thanks for the info to everybody :slight_smile:

See attached.

Highlighted with red circles and lines. You will know it is working because the rubber bands will want to pull the lift up.

Pull the axles out of the motors to judge the number of bands and balance. Put the arm in the neutral point where gravity is the most (typically horizontal to the floor)

You know you have just enough rubber bands when it wants to start going up on its own.

Also make sure there is enough length and carrying power on the uppermost position so the motors don’t do too much work.
127X 2014 8-bar 5-skyrise 11-3_bands.jpg

Thanks! I’ll try it. But, can you explain me better the sentence “Pull the axles out of the motors to judge the number of bands and balance”, because I’m not english and then I haven’t understood very well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loosen the axle lock collars so that you can pull the axles out slightly, to the point wear they are not connected to the motor and spin freely without turning the motor. This way you can move the lift up and down very easily and see exactly what effect the rubber bands are having, without the motors holding the lift.

You can then add or remove rubber bands until you reach the point that the rubber bands balance the weight of the lift, so the lift will approximately stay in a position by itself, with just the rubber bands holding it. This way the rubber bands are pulling the weight of the lift, so your motors don’t have to.