Lift Confusion

What is the difference between a 2 bar and a 4 bar? diagrams would be very helpful!

For that matter 2, 4 , 6 and 8 I see differences but its hard to tell exactly what they would do differently.

this talks about 6 bars but it also shows a diagram of a 4 bar and you can probably infer what a 2 bar is from it

4, 6, and 8 bars all reach to different heights. The more bars and joints you have on it the farther up it extends. Check out the link I sent

So I still dont understand the 2 bar

I think a two bar is what the clawbot has, just two bars that pivot on eachother.

Yes it literally just has 2 bars with a pivot point

So it is like a clawbot


Well it doesnt have to be a claw bot.
A 2 bar lift is one vertical bar with a pivoting bar on the end of it.

oh so 1 bar perpendicular to the vertical bar instead of 2, right?

Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to passively lift with an arm?

Yeah, did you see the link i sent? Take three of the bars off of the 4 bar diagram it had and thats what a 2 bar is

There are other lift threads for ideas and stuff that would be better to ask in

K thanks

you mean take 2 bars off, right?

haha yeah I do sorry, cant math very well

it no problem at all, looks like this case is closed!

You can’t really passively lift. Stored energy systems follow a set path, and can only be reversed if energy is put back into the system.

Theoretically, you could save motor power by having an arm that lifts via rubber bands, and is pulled down by motors and gravity, but it wouldn’t be as easily controlled.

I think that this is a good option if you want something that dumps passively when raised.
It should raise up to the correct height and then dump the objects over the back when it’s up there.