lift designs for sky rise? Are intakes without pneumatics possible?

We don’t have pneumatics. What lift designs are best for this years game. And are intakes possible without pneumatics?:confused:

As far as intakes go, I would highly recommend looking into these things called motors. They’ve worked for many teams in the past, and this year will be no exception. ;);):wink:

I am going with a scissor lift for Skyrise.
Intakes are possible without pneumatics, you can have a motor powered claw!

I also recommend the use of things called motors… you can get them here

I mean like… uhhggg… your a tough group to work with.:frowning:

We might do A Danny lift… or a Josh Lift… or a Forrest lift…LOL:D

I don’t think anyone wants to give anyone their whole design. We are trying to get you to think and you use your “God-given” talent to design a robot that fits and competes within the rules of VEX.

You don’t need pneumatics to build a good Skyrise robot. You also don’t need a claw.

Just take your time, think, and draw out your ideas. It’s only been a few days since the new game was released. We (323x/z) won’t have our robots built until September. Take you time.

I think we’ll see a lot more elevator lifts and scissor lifts. From the looks of it, there’s still going to be a lot of bar-lifts, double reverse 4 and 6 bars being the primary incarnations. I think that elevator and scissor lifts will be better, but teams will be stubborn with their bar lifts.

I agree with Jesse… Just take your time.

It is good that you guys are trying to utilize every single piece of power source. But do so effectively. For example, you can build a 4 motor drive base and a well assisted 2 motor lift that is not intended to be insanely fast, and you can have four motors avaliable for whatever intake mechanism. People complaining about power issue are mainly wasting it without noticing sometimes.
Hint: skyrise sections are either intentionally or unintentionally designed to suit vex claw kit. Make good use of it. Claws don’t have to have pistons.

Also, I am really inspired by what jesse said. “You don’t need claws to build a successful skyrise robot.” How inspiring, like saying that you don’t need rollers to play toss up. Well, teams did it.

I look at industry when I am out of ideas.

Some lifts:
JLG Inc.
Terex port solutions
Genie Inc.

Some grabbers:
garbage trucks
mijack intermodal container lift

john deere knuckleboom loader

And since I’m at it:
Lockheed Kmax

I would do some more research because I like everyone else am holding back somewhat :wink:

I think it’s pretty safe to say that within just a few days of the game being announced, nobody can say “this will be the best design” Nobody is an expert on how to play skyrise right now, and so don’t take anything as law, experiment yourselves.

Go out there and figure it out. That’s part of engineering. Don’t just copy an idea because it works, iterate it, make it better. That’s when you will not only have a successful robot, but you might learn something on the way there.

To start your research for designs this year you could do as Max-D suggested and look at industry machines that complete the same kinds of tasks as the problems given in this game. Also a link to a website my club is working on as a project this summer might help.
As of right now it is pretty blank but it is a start. It will be updated throughout the summer with pictures and explanations.

He explained the start of the year pretty well. If you are interested in what other people use, youtube is your friend.
My team in the past starts the year by making a core strategies and then figures out what is needed to accomplish them. After that we search for and create solutions that do what is needed. Lastly we test as much of them as we can. Hopefully some of this helps.

When it comes to designing a lift mechanism, it is often helpful to use a system that you or the people that you are working with to be familiar with. Our team has used the same general chassis design for 3 years. This has allowed us to constantly improve our design while still understanding the capabilities that come with it.
As for a scoring mechanism, in my opinion either a passive claw for grabbing the cubes one by one as well as being able to manipulate the Skyrise sections or a set of tread rollers may be effective for grabbing more than one of the cubes. I first used this design for Gateway.

Ah the noble scissor lift. Have dabbled in the in past years games, and have experienced nothing by frustration. Scissor lift are so heavy as there are so many parts. Also, we have to consider that the cubes are quite heavy, so designing a lift that can lift (presumably) more than one cube and also sustain the load of itself where ever it connects to a motor is going to be a tough challenge.

Elevator lifts are intriguing for this task, or something like a forklift mast.

So much to consider…this is all very exciting. :D:eek:

…rubber bands

I agree

I will be using a Danny Lift this year, I think it has more adventeges than any other lifts, see

However, I would love to see many other lifts too. Avoid the conformity forums from last year:D:)

I have the feeling that there are going to be only a couple main designs again this year. Time will tell but I really hope that this will end up being a game that encourages creative and unconventional designs. Btw kudos to some of the teams I saw at worlds that were thinking outside the box. There were some really cool designs there…

Run forrest run.