Lift device?

I has the idea to use the a spatula/shovel on lifting arms. One design would have the shovel part consist of a plastic sheet, the other would have something that is made up of multiple long axles or long plates with empty space in between. What are some pros and cons of each?

The plastic, simply, wouldn’t work unless you had some support, like C channel on the sides. This worked well in Sack Attack, but this year it isn’t feasible: the game objects are too geometrically awkward.

Long axles, again, wouldn’t really work easily, but they are a lot more likely to work. Think how easily axles bend :confused:

I recommend standoff intakes. There are plenty on the forums and work as expected.

Why is this in New Product Ideas?

Because @sky_w8 is new to the forum and may not know how to navigate

Hey Sky_w8, you should us a 4 bar lift with the spatula