Lift dr6b geartrain or not?

Hi, so I’m rebuilding it I another dr6b and someone suggested to have a gear train instead of a 1:5 ratio. They said that because you may not have enough torque to lift up 6 cubes to max height.
Should I use a geartrain for my lift and if yes, why.

Note: geartrain is a lot slower, and it might affect the speed of picking up cubes. We want it to go as fast as possible to hold 6 cubes at max height.

by “geartrain” I’m assuming you mean a compound gear ratio. I would advise not using a compound ratio, its too slow and you really shouldn’t need the extra torque. you should be able to do 1:7 100 rpm, especially if you have 2 or more motors on your lift. that’s red motor cartridges, driving a 12 tooth pinion connected to an 84 tooth gear. plenty of torque and decent speed as well.

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A 1:7 ratio should be more than enough for that.
Just use a generous amount of rubber bands and you should be fine

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@Railgunawesome what do you mean by reasonable amount of rubber bands, because I have 100 rpm 1:7 ratio right now, and I can barely lift up 3 cubes to the height of about 8 cubes

I have 30 on my lift if that gives you any idea
(My dr4b has 1 motor btw)

How many can you hold with 30 rubber bands, I use about 40

Does this also mean that geartrain is not recommended? Because I saw 6627c and they got a 14 stack with a geartrain

Do you have any pictures of your robot? You might have a problem with your build quality.

I’m rebuilding, but on my robot right now, it has tension of rubber bands all over the lift,

My intake only takes one cube at a time, but has so much banding it actually lifts up when you remove the motor. It has compounded ration of 1:7 then 3:1 then 1:5

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But, if you have so much rubber banding, doesn’t that mean you can’t go all the way down to pick up the first cube?

Not necessarily.

Please reread my responses to your two earlier threads (this and this) where I went through the intention of triangle banding and linear band force

So long the lift can go down in some positions, it can theoretically go down in all positions, given no new forces are applied

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if you can’t lift more than 3 cubes with a 1:7 then you likely can improve the build quality on your lift. post pictures of your lift so we can see it. dedicating 2 motors to your lift will also make it a lot stronger, although that isn’t necessarily and option for you.

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