Lift help please

how do people make their lifts slanted so blocks can fall out?

It depends on how your elevator lifts the cubes up but here are my personal recommendations

•For a chain elevator you could either build you chain treads at a tilt to start with or you can angle the base by using slope pieces to connect your elevator floor to the treads

•For a robot that uses liner movement e.g using only gears and rods to get vertical movement, the best teams use the rail pieces that are connected to the bucket via rail holders which come in a special pack on vex is called the liner movement pack which then can be placed at whatever angle you want to give the elevator an angle to it so the cubes fall out

Warning(do not use the liner motion pack pieces as your power source for your elevator merely use them to guide your elevator up at a slight angle.

Hopefully this helps

For mine, I just created a triangle with my pieces. ill send pics

wait what do you mean by triangle?

I recommend doing something similar to our robot which you could see by clicking either of these links.