Lift Help

If I added two more motors to the axle on the arm, is there away I can find the speed so I don’t hurt the motors? The gear ratio is 12:84 with the motors running a full speed (127).

I don’t think this would be a smart idea. A better option is to add another set of pinion gears into your gear train for the 2 extra motors. A very easy way of doing this is to add an idler gear below your current pinion gear and then include the last pinion gear at the bottom (so that your train would be 84t - 12t - (idler - 36t is a good choice) - 12t). What we found to be better, however, is if you put the second pinion gear directly meshed with the 84t gear you have on your arm. In our robot’s configuration, we have 1 pinion with 1 motor on the side of the 84t gear, and 1 pinion with 2 motors underneath. The only catch of this design is that the spacing for mounting the pinion on the side must be exactly perfect or you’ll start hearing those notorious gear clicking sounds.

Thank you, I did have the gear clicking sounds with my previous design.