Lift Hooks

Hello, we are team 6813C and we where wondering if any one has a good design for hooks to grab other robots for the lift. We have a successful hook design but it wont work for every bot.

At our last competition a team lifted us with their hook mechanism. They had us mount a bar under our chassis on one side of our robot, and it worked perfectly. They should have been able to do this with many of their alliances as it was easy to mount to many robots at the competition.

They used a bar for their hook that was almost the same length as the bar mounted to our chassis so it would slide into the space between the bar and the chassis. If I can remember correctly, they left a one inch space for their hook to grab onto our robot.

Do you perhaps have any pictures of the bar and hook mechanism? If not could you explain what they used to create this device?

Yes I too am anxious to see!

Ill replicate the device Monday and post pictures of it, unless I can manage to fully explain it below. I do not have any pictures of their lift, sadly.

The bar that went on our chassis was made with two 1" standoffs and a 25 hole bar (possibly cut shorter).

Their hook was made with 1" standoffs and a 25 hole bar that was cut to fit inside of the mechanism they attached to our chassis.

We would drive up to their robot so they could then use a conveyor system to bring their hook around so it could latch onto our chassis. It worked similar to a skyrise cube intake that used hooks.

Thank you!