Lift ideas for 2 motors

Hi guys
Our robot shoots pretty well but we don’t have the PID working so our programmer needs a lot of time with the robot if you know what I mean >_<. So me a builder just watches him have all the fun. So I thought hey lets do something with my life and build a 2 motor high elevate system. There is just one problem I don’t know any ideas (expect maybe a ramp). So if some people can give me some ideas that would be great.
(our robot is on an attached file it is a older picture too it now has intake rollers and a different gear ratio and IME’s)

I’ve been experimenting with ideas off and on this year and I feel like a screw drive or lead screw will produce the most bang for your buck. It is a slow mechanism but provides a giant mechanical advantage. I was originally thinking a scissor like last year, but you could mount the screw vertically and potentially lift that way. It’s an idea, we never had a chance to make a proof of concept.

That is a beautiful drawing btw

That is a really good idea! I going to start to building and I am also going to a start building a ramp and see which is better. If anyone has anymore ideas be free to drop them down. I want to see which is the most effective lift idea for our robot.

Here’s a lifting mechanism I saw on youtube a while back. The mechanism is a 2 motor 1:49 “two bar” lift. Personally I really like the idea; it is relatively fast (10-12 seconds,) very compatible, and only uses 2 motors. Good luck!

That looks really simple to build! I look forward to doing it. Thanks for the idea!!