Lift Ideas??

So I have this idea and it requires pneumatic, so I am limited to 10 motors and 2 reservoirs if I continue with this idea. I was wondering if anyone has tested how much 1 motor and 1 pneumatic cylinder on each side of a six or four bar lift can hold?

You could do a design like this and use two motors instead of pneumatics. I’m sure you could lift with pneumatics but I don’t think a high hang is very feasible given the limited maximum stroke lengths. There are a lot of way to lift a robot, I’d suggest looking at past FRC robots as well as VEX on youtube.

well yea I see what you are saying but I was not going to use it for the high hang.

I was actually thinking of using it for a dumper because I believe a Dumper is one of the best ways to get the pieces across. So considering this I will be putting one on my bot but also other mechanisms.