Lift Ideas

I’m Marshall, on the team 11761B Blaze, and for early-season vex Turning Point, out team was planning on focusing on the caps, and low flags. We were brainstorming on lift ideas, and we threw out the idea of a DR4B, because of the high poles that will be hard to get to due to it being in the corner. So our plan was to make a DR4-6B, so that it would be able to move forward as it goes up, but nothing is set in stone. So if anybody has any other ideas, or any opinion on this that would be great.
Thanks in Advance!

You could always just keep a linear lift and just make your mechanism a flip-out, so that it can reach into that corner.

Also, if the middle bar on the 6 bar and the bars on the 4 bar are the same length, the lift will still move completely linearly and not jut forward like you want.

Aight, I see what you mean… so your basically talking about having either a chain bar, or a smaller 4 bar flip out?

Just have the lift finish at the edge of the 18” cube, and the mechanism flip out from there. So even though your lift moves linearly, the mechanism is always outside the cube, so you can reach farther.

I’m not sure I understand this concern? The 6 posts are along the wall but not in the corners

I think he meant that they’re along the fence. That concern is understandable because a mechanism inside the 18” cube will most likely not be able to reach far enough to place a cap onto the fence if the lift moves linearly.

you should be fine based on how u build it… look at skyrise…

I’d imagine most manipulators for caps won’t intake exactly like Skyrise, but yes it’s possible. Hence, most likely.

Agreed. The position of the poles makes for a challenge different that the posts in ITZ. They are more like Skyrise

If you have a 3 stage, 30 hole, Cascade lift you can reach it, it’s also really compact