Lift issue

@ThirdDegree thank you for all your help, rebuilding this weekend

@nenik thank you, will redesign

@Xenon27 thanks again for all your suggestions , very helpful


No problem. Did you fix the issues, or do you need more assistance?

I have a driving gear of 36 for a 84 tooth gear, but the arm will lift up for a minute or so then just wont lift anymore; could I just not be using enough securment for the gears?

your ratio is too greedy. try 12 tooth to 84 tooth.

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So if I switch to a 12 gear then it should add more torque for the system allowing for more power right?

a 3:7 ratio just isn’t strong enough, especially with one motor.

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Oh sorry I forgot to mention I have 2 motors running the lift system does that change anything?

not really. you’d have to have pristine build quality for that kind of ratio. perhaps it’s possible with 2 100 rpm motors, but I wouldn’t try.

since you do have 2 motors, you could try a 1:5 ratio, that will be a bit faster, and two motors can certainly handle it.

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Ok, Thank you for your time and help

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